Deep-dive Boss Metal Zone sound examples, with settings and… a synth!

The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone could be one of the most misunderstood drive pedals in history. It's also one of the most successful with over a million sales and counting

As we recently discovered, an interesting array of players overt he last 30 years - from Prince to Simon Neil and even Daft Punk – have used the Metal Zone for great tones by utilising its powerful EQ-shaping and sensitive gain parameters. So we wanted to investigate for ourselves to see just how versatile it can be. 


(Image credit: Boss)

Join us as we discuss the Metal Zone's legacy, and take the new limited edition 2021 Boss Metal Zone MT-2-3A 30th anniversary edition for a tonal joyride!  

To find out more about the Boss Metal Zone and the anniversary edition, available in 2021 only, visit Boss

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