The new Boss GX-100 is its first multi-effects and amp modeller with a touchscreen

The new Boss GX-100 is the first multi-effects and amp modeller from the company that integrates a touchscreen. 

Its intuitive approach evolves the complements Boss's forward-thinking tone technologies and ergonomic, road-ready design. The GX-100 boasts 23 AIRD amplifiers and over 150 effects derived from the company's flagship GT-1000.

Players can explore the potential of 15 simultaneous effect blocks, and an in-built expression pedal. Two of these blocks can be used for amps, with series and parallel options for the effects chains too; opening up even wider possibilities for your tone. 


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BOSS’s AIRD technology takes centre stage in the GX-100 guitar and bass amp models and brings flexibility for players' needs with AIRD Output Select. This allows players to tailor the GX-100's for use with specific outputs including amp input, FRFR monitor, or house PA. 

The GX-100's flexibility also extends to a silent practice platform through its headphone output, USB interface for recording and an onboard looper for jamming.

This is combined with a comprehensive choice of onboard speaker cabs with the option to import WAV speaker Impulse Responses via USB. 


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Boss is a world leader in effects and the GX-100 doesn't disappoint on that front with  150 from the BOSS library.

Alongside classic overdrives and distortions, there's the cult classics like the Slow Gear and many effects tuned especially for bass. The onboard effects loop also allows you to integrate your own favourite pedals. 

 There's 200 onboard user memories to store the vast array of combinations available with patch and effects editing proving easier than ever with the colour display's touch screen and tactile control knobs. 

The GX-100 also hosts eight custom footswitches and an expression pedal with toe switch 'that can be assigned to control nearly any parameter'. And if players want to take a more old school approach they can switch into Manual mode with stompbox-like pedalboard control.


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Conversely, players can edit without touching the GX-100 using BOSS Tone Studio for macOS and Windows. The software could prove especially useful for organising patches and settings for Live Sets. An optional Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor also makes it possible for the GX-100 to wirelessly connect with a mobile device to adjust settings and stream backing music through the GX-100. 

The GX-100 is available now for $599. More info at Boss


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