As easy as MPC: Blipblox myTRACKS is a simplified groovebox for kids (and big kids, too)

Playtime Engineering has announced the launch of Blipblox myTRACKS, a groovebox and sampler for kids. Described as a "complete music production studio" for children as young as three years old, myTRACKS is aimed at combining the aesthetics, safety and accessibility of a toy with the functionality of a legitimate musical instrument.

myTRACKS' set of 25 backlit pads can be used to trigger sounds from its library of 48 instruments and drum kits or play back samples recorded via the built-in microphone. Sounds can be layered and sequenced over five tracks and run through two FX processors (filter and delay) that can be modulated using the levers on the sides. The groovebox is battery-operated and has a built-in speaker. 

Designed to "eliminate complexity and maximize fun", myTRACKS promises to simplify beatmaking for kids by keeping musical key and style consistent across tracks and sounds. There's also a randomize button for instantly generating new songs using myTRACKS' built-in sounds. New sound packs and sets can be downloaded from Playtime's website and uploaded to myTRACKS. 

myTRACKS is equipped with 3.5mm audio out, MIDI Out for hooking up with external gear and a USB-C connection for power and sound pack upgrades.

Playtime Engineering is headed up by husband-and-wife business partners Troy and Kate Sheets. The brand has also developed the kid-friendly synths Blipblox and Blipblox After Dark.

myTRACKS is launching on Kickstarter on April 9th. Find out more on Playtime Engineering's website.


(Image credit: Playtime Engineering)
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