Blackstar launches the Silverline series – a boutique approach to digital guitar amplification

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Blackstar Amplification has unveiled the new Silverline series, a future-forward suite of guitar amps that promise boutique valve tone through digital technology.

There are five amplifiers in the series: the 20-watt, 1x10" Silverline Standard combo, the 50-watt, 1x12" Silverline Special combo, the 100-watt 1x12 Silverline Deluxe combo, the 100-watt, 2x12" Silverline Deluxe Stereo, and the Silverline Deluxe head. 

There is a Silverline 212 speaker cabinet to match the series, and, like the combos, it is loaded with Celestion V-Type speakers.

From the compact Silverline standard to the Deluxe Stereo, the tone setup is identical. Each has six Blackstar preamp voices, with six response settings for emulating different valve power sections, and 12 "studio grade" onboard effects.

The brains of the Silverline series lie in Blackstar's SHARC DSP and TVP technology. With this the amps can model the response of KT88, 6L6, KT66, EL34, 6V6, and EL84 valve power sections. 

Tried and tested Blackstar features, such as their ISF control, interact with the newly designed tone stack. The ISF control lets you play both sides of the Atlantic, with the American side offering the open clarity you might find in classic US amps, and the British side packing a lot more midrange. Of course, your sweet spot might be somewhere in the middle.

As for the digital features, there is a wealth of connectivity options for home recording or gigging. There is a speaker emulated output, a headphone jack, MP3 inputs and USB for direct recording or reamping. Connect through USB to access the INSIDER software which allows for deep-editing of your tone and saving and sharing presets.

The amps have 12 programmable presets, 128 when using the footswitch.

See Blackstar for more details, and check out the introduction videos below.

Jonathan Horsley

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