Blackstar aims to make MIDI control easier with its Live Logic

Blackstar's new Live Logic MIDI Controller is quite a departure for a company we're used to seeing guitar and bass amps from – but it looks like exactly the kind of stage and studio-friendly flexibility we'd expect the Brits to deliver.

It's a six-button foot controller with two expression pedal inputs for use with any music hardware or software with MIDI compatibility. And it's aiming to simplify and streamline the process to encourage more musicians to use their devices MIDI capabilities. 

The Live Logic allows players to control Program Change, Control change, Note and Clock messages and is customisable via Mac/PC software.

Use it with DAWS like Ableton Live (it's now an official supported controller for the software), VST plugins and sampling software to open up new possibilities for control and sound manipulation in your live or studio rig. 

(Image credit: Blackstar)

The USB connectivity also opens up its potential for pedal use as Blackstar's Dan Wright and Alex Gee explain in the video above. The can ultimately controller become your go-to MIDI interface. 

The Live Logic MIDI Controller is compatible with any 9V centre-negative power supply – including battery and USB.  

The Blackstar Live Logic will retail at £129 / $179.99 .

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