"Your ears will fall in love with the new studio tools": Bitwig Studio updated with new multiband compressor and hardware-inspired EQs

Bitwig has announced a major update to the popular DAW Bitwig Studio. Bitwig Studio 5.2 has been kitted out with a new compressor module, Compressor+, three "hardware-inspired" EQ modules, a new clipper module and a number of workflow improvements. 

Described as an "all-in-one compressor for any use case", Compressor+ significantly upgrades Bitwig's standard Compressor module with multiband compression and six unique compression styles, which Bitwig has dubbed Characters. 

Compressor+ splits incoming audio into four frequency bands that are analyzed and compressed individually with adjustable settings for both Intensity and Timing. You'll also find four different 'VCA Colors' on the compressor's output that'll let you shape the overall tone and apply analogue-sounding colouration to the signal. 

Bitwig Studio 5.2 also features a trio of EQs that take influence from vintage hardware; Sculpt is inspired by the legendary Pultec EQP-1, with the addition of three switchable saturation modes; Focus recreates another renowned Pultec unit, the MEQ-5; and Tilt offers a simple interface for quickly adding brightness or darkness to a signal. All three offer a Stereo-ize option for experimenting with stereo and mid-side processing.

That's not all in terms of new modules: Over is a new and "boutique" clipper device that utilizes multiband processing and oversampling to "add a nice crispy crust" to any sound. Bitwig Studio has also been updated with improved beat detection for warping long audio files with variable tempos, audio editing workflow tweaks, and a redesigned graphics engine that should free up CPU power for audio processing.

Bitwig Studio 5.2's public beta is available now and the full release is expected this summer. 

Find out more on Bitwig's website.

Matt Mullen
Tech Editor

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