Best Positive Grid Spark deals July 2024: Save on the Spark, Spark Pearl and Spark Mini

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The Positive Grid Spark is a smart practice amp packed full of learning tools, amp models and effects. Widely considered to be one of the best practice amps on the market right now, the Spark - along with its companion app - produces sounds which are ideal for all flavours of guitar player, from metalheads to funk machines and beyond. There's almost always an opportunity to save some money on the Spark, and here we’ve found the best Positive Grid Spark deals online today, whether you're looking for the original Spark, Spark Pearl, or the new Spark Mini.

Positive Grid is still a fairly new company in the grand scheme of things, having only been around for 10 years - but when you consider the impact they’ve had on the guitar industry, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’ve been around for much much longer. Starting off as a software company, PG’s Bias amp and effects plugins helped to show the world that getting a great guitar tone inside your DAW was not only possible, but very simple - and good fun too.

The Spark harnesses the impressive power and accuracy of the Bias Tone Engine, to create a realistic sounding and feeling practice amp, to help you take your playing to the next level.

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Positive Grid Spark: $299, now $259

Positive Grid Spark: $299, now $259
The Spark from Positive Grid has taken the practice amp world by storm. With thousands of tones at your fingertips, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, plus intelligent features such as Smart Jam and Auto Chords, it’s no wonder it’s the best-selling amp for home use. Use the coupon code SPARK40 and save $40 on the full price. The Spark Traveler gig bag is also on offer, with $20 off.

Positive Grid Spark Pearl: was $299, now $259

Positive Grid Spark Pearl: was $299, now $259
The Positive Grid Spark Pearl offers all of the same next-level functionality as the original, but this time it’s offered in a special edition white tolex. Save $40 with the coupon code SPARK40. The Spark Traveller gig bag (normally $60) is now only $40 for a limited time, so grab a deal while you can.

Positive Grid Spark Mini: $229/£174, $189/£143

Positive Grid Spark Mini: $229/£174, $189/£143
This ‘Power Supporter’ offer sees $40/£31 slashed off the miniature smart amp, bringing the price down to only $189/£143! You also get a bonus crimson grille thrown in for free, so you can change the look of your new amp whenever you fancy. 

Best Positive Grid Spark deals 

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Positive Grid Spark 40

A smart practice amp for the masses

Launch price: $299/£299/$299 | Type: Digital modelling amp | Output: 40W | Number of amp models: 33 | Weight: 5.2kg | Speakers: 2x4”

Smart features are impressive
Bluetooth compatibility is useful 
Spark app unlocks even more tones 
The speakers are a bit small, and sound it 

The Positive Grid Spark 40 perfectly encapsulates everything that makes Positive Grid such a well-respected company. It’s one of the most comprehensive practice amps out there - and based around PG’s Bias Tone Engine, the tonal choice is not only vast, but screams ‘high quality’. 

With 33 amp models onboard as well as 43 effects, the Spark already has a wealth of tones in its catalogue - but with the help of the companion app, there are over 10,000 more tones available within the Spark’s online library. Here you can share your own presets, as well as downloading others. The connectivity of the Spark is outstanding - with Bluetooth for music streaming, an ⅛” (3.5mm) aux input and USB inputs and outputs: great for turning your Spark into an audio interface for when you want to record your next killer idea.

The Spark, as well as being a great sounding amp, offers up a raft of genuinely useful practice tools. The smart features - Smart Jam and Auto Chords - work to provide you with new challenges and playing tasks to help you grow as a player. Smart Jam uses the amp and app to understand your playing style, feel and tempo, and then generates a backing track of authentic-sounding bass and drum tones. It's much less stressful than organising bandmates, too. 

Auto Chords is another of the Spark's smart features - and probably the most useful. Choose any song you can think of on Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube, and the Spark will figure out and display the chords in real time as you play. You can also slow the track down and loop difficult sections, to make sure you're nailing your parts.

The Positive Grid Spark is also available as the Spark Pearl - finished in a fresh white tolex.

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Positive Grid Spark Mini

A portable, battery-powered alternative to the regular Spark

Launch price: $229/£229/$299 | Type: Digital modelling amp | Output: 10W | Number of amp models: 33 | Weight: 1.5kg | Speakers: 2x2”

Looks great
So convenient
Same great tones as the original
Battery life not great when playing loud

In case you thought the regular Spark was too big, Positive Grid has just released the brand new Spark Mini. The Mini follows many of the same cues as the full-size Spark, with smart features and easy connectivity at the heart of its design - but the Mini has a few surprises behind the grille.

Let's start with the speakers. The Spark Mini features two 2" speakers which are mounted side by side - but facing outwards at an 8 degree angle. When combined with the passive bass radiator on the underside of the amp and the 3-point contact feet, the Spark Mini kicks out a suitable amount of low-end; focused and warm sounding - unlike most small amps.

The Spark Mini has a condensed control panel due to its small size, so everything but the most important controls have had to go. On the Mini's control panel, you've got a Preset selector which can scroll through four programmable presets, and then a guitar channel main volume and a music channel volume. It might be a simple setup, but it's a sacrifice we're all willing to make when you take into consideration how convenient this little amp has the potential to be.

Now, the Mini, while you can use it plugged into the mains, is designed to be used portably under its own battery power. Its rechargeable via USB, and fully charges in 3 hours - which then provides you with up to 8 hours of battery time to play guitar or stream music. However, the battery life depends on how intense your usage is. 

The Mini has within it all of the features of the full-size Spark. Auto Chords, Smart Jam, and all of the cloud access are all enabled - but one of the Mini's most notable features is all-new, and doesn't make an appearance on any other PG product. The Mini, when plugged into your phone, can record your audio at the same time as you record video - then all you've got to do is share the video (which now has great sound quality) to your favourite social platform. Ace.

The Spark Mini is currently still in its pre-order phase and selling fast, so we'd recommend you jump on it sooner rather than later. Choose between the 'Power Supporter' and 'Player Special' packages, which are $189 and $195 respectively. 

Best Positive Grid Spark deals: Alternatives

If you're after a desktop practice amp but feel that the Spark is perhaps a little too much for your needs, we'd absolutely recommend the Yamaha THR30II Wireless. The THR series is largely seen as the original desktop amp, and while it shares some similarities with the Spark - Bluetooth and stereo speakers to name a few - its approach to amp sounds is a little more simple. You've still got plenty of options though, with 15 guitar amp models and an array of effects onboard.

If all you're after is a small practice amp to play backup to your main rig, then you wouldn't go far wrong with the Blackstar Fly 3. Yes, it's tiny - but in terms of sheer convenience and ease of use, it's hard to beat. With clean and overdrive channels and an onboard delay it's a simple unit, but for the sake of practicing, that's all we really need. Price-wise, it comes in at comfortably under $80/£60, and if you really fancy it, you can connect a speaker cab for impressive stereo tones.

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