Becos FX unveils The Ziffer Overdrive – a TS-inspired signature pedal for Jordan Ziff

Becos FX has teamed up with Jordan Ziff of Ratt/Marty Friedman Band for a signature overdrive pedal based on the Romanian stompbox specialists' TS8-MS Overdrive and MIDI Switcher. 

The Ziffer Overdrive removes the MIDI switching capability and adds in some new controls, and is designed to offer a Tube Screamer-style performance, which Ziff typically uses to give his '59 Marshall Plexi a good old kick up the backside and send the guitar amplifier into that harmonically rich, musical overdrive.

You can use the Ziffer with guitar, bass or other instruments should the occasion demand call for it, and housed in a mini black power-coated Hammond aluminium enclosure, it won't hog precious space on your pedalboard.

Scaled down enclosure or not, the design offers plenty of scope for tone-sculpting. As is something of a Becos FX speciality, there is no shortage on controls. 

The Ziffer Overdrive allows you to choose from three clipping options – classic, asymmetric, LED – and select Classic or Deep frequency responses, the latter particularly useful if you want to add a little beef to your single-coil tone.

There are controls for Gain, Tone and Level, plus mini-knobs for setting your wet/dry mix, and for dry EQ frequency trimming. All this adds to what should be a versatile little drive pedal, and one that offers considerably more control over the frequency response of the overdrive than most TS-style drives.

Available to preorder now, the Ziffer Overdrive ships in August, priced $169.00 / €149. It takes a 9-18V DC power supply, is true bypass, and comes with a three-year warranty.

See Becos FX for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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