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BBC Weatherman goes viral after drumming along to news theme

(Image credit: Owain Wyn Evans/Twitter)

BBC North West Tonight weatherman, Owain Wyn Evans has created a deluge of likes and shares as a video of him drumming along to the BBC news theme has gone viral.

The presenter ended his weather forecast with a touch of thunder by jumping behind his DW Design kit and bashing out some pretty decent fills along to the instantly recognisable theme tune.

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In a tweet sharing the video, Owain wrote, “When they said try working from home, I didn’t realise they’d expect me to do the music too.”

He later told the BBC, “I’ve got to be honest, it’s such a banger isn’t it? You know, it’s a great song, and why not put some live drums over it? The response has been fabulous. It’s had over 1.5 million views now on Twitter, and I absolutely did not expect that to happen.”