Hofner changes Violin Bass names

Macca fans, bewildered no more!
Macca fans, bewildered no more!

Hofner has redesignated the model names of its famous Violin Bass to reflect the iconic bass's Beatles lineage.

The three German-made models have been the cause of some confusion among McCartney connoisseurs due to the order in which they were issued. The new model names should put any debate to bed, and instead of having years associated with them have new 'evocative' titles that reflect the era they are associated with.

To that end,

the Vintage '61 Re-issue, based on the first Violin Bass Macca picked up in Hamburg, becomes the 500/1 'Cavern'.

The Vintage '62 Re-issue becomes the 500/1 'Liverpool', inspired by the bass Hofner built for McCartney August 1963, and finally the Vintage '64 Re-issue becomes the standard 500/1 Violin Bass model.

All clear now? Good!

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Hofner press release

The three German built 500/1 Violin Beatle Basses on the current Höfner catalogue have received changes to the model names in order to more closely associate them with historical events. The construction and fittings remain, however, exactly the same.

Due to the sequence that re-issue models were released in, more than 10 years ago, the McCartney spec bass became the Vintage '62 Re-issue despite the fact that his bass was built around August 1963.

The models will no longer have a year to identify them, these are replaced by names more evocative of the actual time they represent.

The Vintage '61 Re-issue is now designated the 500/1 'Cavern'. It is inspired by a bass purchased by Paul McCartney in Hamburg in 1961.

The Vintage '62 Re-issue becomes the 500/1 'Liverpool, being inspired by a bass built for Paul McCartney around August 1963.

The Vintage '64 Re-issue will now simply be the 500/1 Violin Bass and becomes the 'standard' model.

The part numbers for all three bases remain the same as before, for this year, in order to avoid confusion with dealers and buyers.