Audient at Gear Expo 2021

(Image credit: Audient)

iD4 MKII  £138, €149, US$199. iD14 MKII £199.99, €229, US$299. EVO Start Recording Bundle £199, €220, US$249.

Our mission is to make professional audio quality available to everyone through the power of technology. Making music is fun and recording should be too but often music makers are frustrated by overly complex tech or disappointing results. We get it, we’ve been there and we pay close attention to it. 

At Audient, we believe that quality begins with the first steps of design, a philosophy started by our founders and which continues to shape the way we approach products to this day.

Our team works together to design products that give you the power and flexibility to create with freedom. We connect quality and simplicity with innovative engineering so when you hit record, the results meet your expectations.

Finding the balance between audio excellence and user experience continues to drive everything we do. 

Our passion alongside our technical expertise ensures our products not only empower creativity but make recording easy. 

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in the UK, we continue to design products that help bring your projects to life.

To honour Audient’s brand transformation, the next generation (mark II) of two iD audio interfaces iD4 MKII, iD14 MKII have been released, along with the brand new EVO Start Recording Bundle.

In order to continue providing the best product proposition to its customers, Audient has taken this opportunity to make significant upgrades to the audio performance and feature sets of both iD4 and iD14, making sure they are now comparable with its most powerful interface, the iD44.

Both iD4 MKII and iD14 MKII now provide 126dB and 120dB of dynamic range on the DAC’s and ADC’s respectively, representing a huge step up in audio performance and ensuring users experience professional audio performance. As well as the improvements to the audio specs, new features have also been added.

iD14 MKII is now completely bus powered via USB3.0 and benefits from the addition of dual headphones outputs, two extra line outputs and a USB-C connection, making collaboration, connectivity and portability that bit easier. Whilst iD4 MKII is now USB3.0 bus powered with a USB-C connection, both models now sport a modern gun-metal finish.

At the same time, Audient’s sub-brand EVO by Audient launches the EVO Start Recording Bundle. This comprises the EVO 4 audio interface, the SR1 large diaphragm condenser mic plus shockmount and the SR2000, monitoring grade headphones.

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