All killer, no sandwich filler! Way Huge cooks up the Pork & Pickle bass overdrive/fuzz in a smaller enclosure

(Image credit: Way Huge / Dunlop)

Way Huge is now offering its popular Pork & Pickle bass overdrive and fuzz pedal in a more modestly proportioned stompbox.

The Way Huge Smalls Pork & Pickle has the same tone circuits, partnering the warm, soft-clipping crunch of its Pork Loin Overdrive with the thick-set fuzz of the Russian-Pickle Fuzz, all housed in one of their smaller enclosures. Although the Pork & Pickle was much heralded as Way Huge's first pedal for bassists, in our review we found it to be a more than viable option for guitarists – so it's definitely worth checking out if your in the market for a versatile dirt box. 

The enclosure might have been downsized, but controls-wise, it is much the same setup. There is a toggle switch to active either the Pork Loin Overdrive or Russian-Pickle Fuzz side of the pedal, with controls for volume, tone and drive that adjust either side, and clean blend and clean tone controls for bringing the Pork Loin Overdrive's clean preamp signal into the mix. You can use this on either the overdrive or fuzz side, and it's sure to sweet the tone a little.

The inveterate tinkerers among you will be glad to know that there are internal controls for the levels of either overdrive or fuzz effect, plus curve and presence to further tweak the Pork Loin. Tasty.

The Way Huge Smalls Pork & Pickle retails for £182.99 ($169.99) street.

See Dunlop for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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