Alex Lifeson reveals signature LERXST amp line with MojoTone ahead of writing sessions with Geddy Lee

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Alex Lifeson is gearing up for 2024 – literally, with a new line of signature guitar amps to follow up his previously limited LERXST Omega model that he first collaborated on with MojoTone over a decade ago. 

Now it's back, alongside a Chi head and combo tube amp – but it could be just the beginning from the Rush legend. 

The press release announcing the amps mentions Lifeson's “desire to design and manufacture a line of guitar products that reflect Lifeson's forward-thinking approach to sonic exploration and live performance” and plans to offer “a range of amplifiers, guitars, effects pedals, and pickups”. All very interesting, but what we do know right now is what the amps are…

“There has been an explosion of guitar music within the past five years that has been incredible to witness in its diversity of sounds and players,” Lifeson stated, announcing the signature line. 

“LERXST amplifiers provide a platform for these players that offers the power and quality of tone of the best amplifiers of the past, while also providing key features like power scaling and high-quality effects loops that reflect the needs of players today.”


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The two-channel Omega will be offered in two iterations:  a limited hand-wired version at $3,495, and the $2,495 standard. Unlike the original 100-watt model, these are both 50-watt amps with the option to utilise a 25-watt mode. 

The US-built Chi is a smaller 30-watt head ($1,695) or combo ( $1,995) option with two channels and shared three-band EQ. They're available to order via

“The LERXST CHI is an awesome monster in its own right and one of the sweetest sounding amps I’ve ever heard,” says Lifeson. 


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Lifeson may be putting both models to very good use soon if Rush bandmate and childhood friend Geddy Lee's recent comments are anything to go by. 

We hang around with each other a lot, and we both have a desire to try to write songs together

"If I say anything about working with Alex, people run to the conclusion that Rush is starting up again," Geddy told CTV Morning Live recently. "That is not the case. Yes, Alex and I like each other a lot, still. We hang around with each other a lot, and we both have a desire to try to write songs together. We don't know whether that will bear fruit or not. If it does bear fruit, great, then we might release some songs. If — that's always an 'if' there. 

"But when people publish articles about that, they leave the 'if' out. So, yeah, I plan to get together with Al, and we plan to write some songs, but we don't know if they'll be any damn good, so we'll see what happens."

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