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Accusonus’s ERA-R lets you remove unwanted reverb with a single knob

Having brought us a one-knob noise removal plugin a few weeks ago in the shape of ERA-N, Accusonus has returned with a single-control processor for removing reverb. ERA-R is based on the company’s audio restoration technology, and can be used to repair, clean-up and add clarity to recordings that are awash with excessive reverb.

ERA-R automatically estimates the reverb profile and then lets you adjust the amount of the effect just by turning the knob. There are also five spectral band presets that enable frequency-focused processing.

Accusonus suggests that the plugin can also be used to tighten-up drum patterns and acoustic guitar parts, and to control guitar body resonances.

Find out more and get yourself a free trial on the Accusonus website. ERA-R’s regular price is $59, but it’s currently available for the introductory price of $39 (this applies until 24 April). You can also get it in a bundle with ERA-N, the one-knob noise remover, for $59 (the regular price for the bundle is $118).

ERA-R runs on PC and Mac and is available in VST/AU/AAX formats.