A guitarist played a lick from Weezer's Buddy Holly solo every day until Rivers Cuomo agreed to duel with him: it took three years

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Some thing take time, even in the age of the viral campaign Rivers cannot be easily diverted. As TikToker Evan Marsalli found out.

The guitarist vowed to play the end lick from Weezer's Buddy Holly solo every single day until the band's mastermind Rivers Cuomo agreed to a duet with him. It took 990 of those days (you can check Evan's account for proof)  but Rivers eventually came good and invited the young fan to  “come play this live on Weezer’s Indie Rock Roadtrip Tour this summer.”


♬ original sound - Evan

Marsalli goes under the name @dietlite_evan on the social media platform, in reference to his band Diet Lite. “My people will reach out to your people,” Cuomo told him in the video duet above. 

So what's Evan going to play every day now? He probably doesn't need to practice Buddy Holly. 


♬ Buddy Holly - Weezer
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