A dream collaboration: John Petrucci signature beard oil is now available

(Image credit: George Fairbairn/Future)

It had to happen. Dream Theater maestro John Petrucci has one of the greatest beards we've seen in the guitar world. But a beautiful Byzantine bounty of beardness doesn't just happen; he's putting the work in. Or more specifically now it's his new signature Nebula beard oil with UK specialists Captain Fawcett.

(Image credit: Captain Fawcett)

We're confident the combination of your beard, this oil and the included exclusive Nebula edition Petrucci Dunlop Flow guitar pick will make you play better. Or at the very least make you look better playing. 

"The extraordinary Nebula Signature Series is nothing less than a tribute to the mysterious harmony of the universe," says Captain Fawcett. "John Petrucci’s virtuoso composition with Captain Fawcett is quite simply... out of this world.

"This Beard Oil features top notes of exhilarating bergamot & aromatic myrtle riff with a bittersweet tang of grapefruit, rising to an intense heart of earthy, violet orris, dark coffee & tenacious woody cedar. A pulse of seductive musk trails a smoky backbeat laced with vetiver & luxurious leather."

We're sold, we just need a beard first or a deserving friend worthy of such a Christmas gift. 

The first 1000 purchases of 50ml Nebula Beard Oil (£36) will include that Limited Edition Nebula Guitar Flow Guitar Pick.

It's also available without the pick as a 10ml measure for £14 at captainfawcett.com

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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