The 3 best new snare drums of 2021, as decided by you

DW Dave Grohl Icon snare
(Image credit: Future)

Our snare drums are one of the most identifying parts of our sound and kit, with everyone having a preference on depth, diameter, material and tuning. This year there were plenty of signature snare drums released too, and you guys have lapped them up - forming the entirety of our Top 3 snares for the year. 

 All three are made of different shell materials, but even though they’re different, they share meaty, hard rock power in common. Here are the snares you liked the most over the last 12 months.

1. Winner 2021: DW Dave Grohl Icon Snare

DW Dave Grohl Icon snare

(Image credit: Drum Workshop, Inc.)

Multiple albums, a book, and most recently a reissue of the album that made him famous: it’s been quite a year for The Nicest/Busiest Man in Rock. But around 12 months ago DW produced a limited run of 250 Icon Series, 11-ply maple snare drums with Dave Grohl’s face, Sound City Studios logo inlaid into the shell. Judging by the numbers you voted in, they could have produced a whole lot more! 

2. Pearl Matt Halpern Signature Snare Drum

Pearl Matt Halpern Signature Snare

(Image credit: Pearl)

The Periphery man’s none-more-black brass monster brought you out in droves, and it’s easy to see why. The 14x6” dimensions, black powder-coated finish, matching tube lugs, die-cast hoops and triple-vented shell come together to make a signature drum that’s applicable for any hard-hitting player.

3. Tama Lars Ulrich Black Album Anniversary Snare

Tama Lars Ulrich Black Album Snare Drum

(Image credit: Tama)

It’s been 30 years since Metallica’s black album, and while lars was known for playing the legendary Tama Bell Brass on the record, we imagine that Tama wanted to produce a more accessible option - albeit limited to 300 pieces worldwide. 

This steel-shelled monster features the same construction as Lars’ regular snare, but it comes in a matte black finish with hardware to match, a Black Suede Emperor complete with the Metallica logo (plus a spare signed by Lars) and a commemorative badge. 

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