Test your technique with this 10-point blues guitar lead challenge

When it’s time to take a guitar solo you’ll need an arsenal of authentic techniques.

Hone your chops with our challenge…

Technique challenge tab

1. Unison bend

Hit both strings then bend the second string up to match the pitch of the note on the first string.

2. Quarter-tone bend

Use your third finger to apply a very slight bend to the eighth fret note, releasing the bend before you re-pick.

3. Third finger vibrato

Great for sustaining hammer-ons, slides, or just long notes. Oscillate your finger up and down in equal distances.

4. Three-fret bends

Albert King-style wide bends are essential for emotive blues soloing. Use three fingers to bend the string for best results.

5. String rakes

Fret the fourth string with your third finger and lay your first finger across the 5th fret, then simply drag your pick from low to high onto the fourth string.

6. First finger vibrato

For authentic BB King style vibrato, your thumb should be away from the neck. Move your wrist quickly from side to side.

7. Doublestop lick

Use your second and third fingers for the first pair of notes, then use your first finger to barre across adjacent strings.

8. Sliding doublestops

Use your second and third fingers to fret the doublestop, pick and slide up two frets, then slide back down to the 5th fret without re-picking.

9. Trills

Trills sound great, especially when slurring between the minor and major 3rd as shown here. Keep your first finger on the fretboard and trill with your second.

10. Oblique bend

Keep your fourth finger on the second string and bend the third up a whole step using your second and third fingers. Slower bends create a dramatic effect.

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