Ableton Live 10’s new Pedal device in action

One new device putting the pedal to the metal in Ableton Live 10 is, um, Pedal. Which aims to bring the character of those classic analogue stomp boxes to Live.

Pedal features separate circuit-level models of overdrive, distortion and fuzz guitar pedals for all your overdriven and distorted needs. Here’s how to get the most out of Live’s newest guitar-centric device.

Step 1: Whether you’re a synthesist, sampling obsessive or guitarist, you simply can’t have enough distortion timbres. Live’s new Pedal device brings you three stompbox-style algorithms in one! We’ve loaded the device up over a weedy synth to demonstrate it. Crank Gain to drive the signal into the distortion, and pull back Output to turn down the louder signal.

Step 2: Inspired by famous guitar pedals, there are three algorithms to choose from: OverDrive, a “warm and smooth” distortion; Distort, a “tight and aggressive” type; and Fuzz, a “heavy and broken” amp-style distortion. Simply click a selector button to choose your flavour. 

Step 3: Toggle the Sub button to engage a fixed 250Hz low-shelf boost. Use the Dry/Wet slider to blend the effect with the dry signal. In the middle, Pedal has a post-distortion three-band EQ. Resonance is adaptive – higher gain settings induce higher resonance boosts. The Bass knob is a fixed 100Hz peak boost, while Treble is a 3.3kHz high shelf.

Step 4: The Mid EQ control has three settings, chosen via the switch underneath. When set to fully left, Mid becomes a 500Hz boost/cut with narrow Q. At its centre position, Mid becomes a 1kHz boost/cut with medium Q. Fully right turns Mid into a 2kHz boost/cut with broad Q.

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