Steve Lukather on tour in East Asia

Steve emailed GT today with an update about his tour. Sounds fun!

"I am in Bangkok now. We just did 10 shows in Tokyo and the java jazz festival in Jakarta. I am so honored to be playing in such an amazing band of legends; Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Robben Ford, Darryl Jones, Steve Weingart and Rodney Holmes. Jamming with Robben every night has been a treat and I am trying to just listen and learn. He is amazing and this is the first time we have ever played live after knowing each other for 30+ years. ALL the guys are awesome and I have made some new friends for life! All good news.

We are playing some jam type tunes, Some Brecker Brothers, Bill Evans stuff, a few of Robben's tunes, some Miles (Jean-Pierre) and one of mine, Never Walk Alone with a horn arrangement. We are really just jammin' and groovin', different every night and every set.

I am playing through a rented Marshall JCM-2000 with a few stomp boxes and my Music Man guitar. One is always at risk with rented gear especially in the part of the world we are in. Japan is cool but outside it can get a little dicey. In Jakarta two amps sent for me didn't even work. In the end we pulled it off thanks to my tech Craig DeFalco. Robben is playing through two Fender Twin re-issues and his old Tele and a few stomp boxes as well."