Soloing - Ronny Jordan exclusive!

Ever tried a one take solo when recording? For many people, playing something new in the heat of the moment and liking it enough on playback to keep can be frustratingly elusive. One common approach for success in this area is to listen to the music several times and trust your instincts to come up with a melody. And this is before reaching for your guitar. If you can hum or sing (even just outlining a rough shape) before playing, chances are the outcome will be more musical and more memorable. It makes sense really as your voice isn't hindered by technique or your own cliches as regards fretboard patterns or licks.I say all this as the next issue of Guitar Techniques (GT165) features an exclusive tutorial based on a solo Ronny Jordan performed over an upbeat jazz groove I created for him. His playing is very memorable in a smooth George Benson type style and a product of the approach I've just mentioned. He listened to the track in his studio a few times and with the melodies in his head, picked up the guitar and played the one take solo that is on the CD. The issue is on sale 23rd April. Take a look when it's out and see if you agree. Jason