R.I.P. Les Paul

What a sad day it is for the guitar world. One of music's greatest innovators, inventors and performers, Les Paul has passed on.

Check out musicradar's excellent coverage of Les's life and achievements. And look out for in-depth coverage of his work in the words of Guitarist and Total Guitar's teams in their forthcoming issues.

In October's Guitar Techniques, being put together at this moment and too late to do a massive feature, you'll find five great Les Paul licks, written out by Stuart Ryan and showing various sides of this amazingly versatile and groundbreaking player. Issue 170 is on sale 9th September.

GT will be honouring the great man with a full transcription of one of his greatest tracks, How High The Moon, in a forthcoming issue.

In the meantime, let's all reflect on the man who helped to bring the solidbody guitar to life and who single-handedly invented multi-tracking.

Rest in peace Les Paul, but long live the music, the instruments and innovations that he brought us.