Quiz: 20 Blues Questions

Test your knowledge on the blues. The answers in a separate post, but don't cheat!

In the meantime, bone up on Hendrix because our next quiz will focus on the mighty man from... ha ha.... that's one of the questions.

1. They´re known as the Three Kings: there´s BB and Albert, but who´s King number three?

2. Where is the House of the Rising Sun?

3. In a three-chord blues, if chord I is A7 and chord IV is D7, what´s chord V?

4. Eric Clapton´s biggest hero wrote Crossroad Blues, which Cream recorded as Crossroads. Who is he?

5. Did Clapton play in John Mayall´s Bluesbreakers, his Bluesbusters or his Ballbreakers?

6. He played a Telecaster with a 100ft lead and his nickname was The Iceman. Who is he?

7. Boom Boom and This Is Hip were big hits for which blues legend?

8. Which blues guitar giant plays a polka dot Fender Stratocaster?

9. Was Stevie Ray Vaughan´s big number: Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Texas Flood? Or Greatest Little Whorehouse In Texas?

10. When Peter Green left John Mayall´s band, which group did he go on to form?

11. Jimi Hendrix´s most famous blues talked of a Red ‘what´ over yonder?

12. It's said that Thibeault Walker invented the modern style of electric blues guitar. He was nicknamed after a cut of steak. Was it: Fillet? Sirloin? T-Bone?

13. Which odd-shaped Gibson guitar was Albert King renowned for playing?

14. Which one of the following is an American blues guitarist: Ronnie Kray? Robert Cray? Reggie Kray?

15. Huddie Ledbetter was the self-styled King of the 12-string guitarists. Was his nickname: Leadbelly? Led Boots? Led Pipe?

16. Muddy Waters created a famous style of electric blues, named after a great American city. Was it: New York Blues? San Francisco Blues? Chicago Blues?

17. Which Fleetwood Mac tune about a ‘lady of the dark side´ did Santana successfully cover?

18. Blues songs are often referred to by a common number of bars in a verse. Is it: 6-bar blues? 9-bar blues? 12-bar blues?

19. One famous blues artist had a rhythm style named after him. Was it: Dudley Moore? Bo Derek? Bo Diddley?

20. Sixties British R&B band The Yardbirds featured three legendary blues guitarists it its line-up. Can you name them?