Providence introduces Provolt 9 power supply

Japanese company Providence are renowned for their effects pedals (in particular the Anadime chorus ADC-3 and Stampede OD SOV-2) so now they're releasing a power supply to power them rather than batteries.

The Provolt 9 PV-9 is the same size as their pedals (handy if you're short on pedal board space) and features six 9volt outputs, supplying up to 100mA each. With a fetching black metal case, it features short protection (the internal circuitry is prevented from damage), auto recovery (once the shorted source is removed, the Provolt 9's output recovers automatically) and double filtering on all outputs (clean power and hum suppression).

In use, we had a Velvet Comp VLC-1, Stampede OD SOV-2 (90mA hungry!), Sonic Drive SDR-5, Anadime Chorus ADC-3, Phase Force PHF-1 and a Hardwire reverb hooked up for a few gigs. The Provolt 9 proved easy to set up and faultless in use making it great if you're stuck for space and have standard pedal power requirements.

The Provolt 9 retails at £159 (187 euros).

For more info visit Providence