Hybrid Picking For Guitar - book/cd: Awesome tutorial source!

For countless guitarists, hybrid picking (using pick and fingers) is the ultimate approach to playing the guitar. The pick is great for strumming and burning lead lines while fingers and pick can soften your sound, add greater 'snap' to strings and (perhaps more importantly) allow for all manner of polyphonic playing that a pick alone cannot provide.
That's why players as diverse as Eric Johnson, Brett Garsed and many of GT's tutors including Guthrie Govan and Dario Cortese favour it extensively. Indeed, GT has featured various tutorials on the technique recently as well as country vibed pieces that can excel with the approach (eg Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins on Jerry's Breakdown in GT171).

If you want to take it further though, much further, then you will be keen to get 'Hybrid Picking For Guitar' by Gustavo Assis-Brasil. It's a pretty much one stop source to getting your hybrid playing up to the level of the very best from an author that uses the technique for jaw dropping results. Arpeggios, lead lines, string jumps, extensive independance/strength exercises for all fingers (including the fourth finger) and several exquisite compositions to close it's an outstanding source for playing development.

We reckon it's one of the best guitar tutorial sources we've seen all year and with players like Brett Garsed, Carl Verheyen and GT"s Scott McGill loving the book it can't get a higher recommendation than that!

More info and to order visit: http://www.gustavoassisbrasil.com/

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