Here’s the next three of GT editor Nev’s favourite solos and why…

Track: Texas Flood
Artist: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Who played it: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Genre: Blues
UK chart position: Didn´t chart
Why it rocks: Although one of the most obviously derivative of all blues guitarists - SRV´s Hendrix, Albert King and Eric Clapton influences are clearly audible in everything he did - Stevie´s pure Texas character shone through all his work. Texas Flood sees Stevie´s Albert roots showing through in every lick and, just like the master, he milks every one of those three notes for all they´re worth. Fantastic!
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Did you know? The guitar pictured on the cover of Texas Flood is not a Fender Strat: it´s a Tokai copy with the headstock lettering blanked out!

Track: Need Your Love So Bad
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Who played it: Peter Green
Genre: Blues
UK chart position: 31
Why it rocks: Sensitive, tasteful, perfect playing characterises this track from the early Mac. Green is in BB King mode as he plants juicy major and minor pentatonic notes over a classic chord sequence. Greeny´s tone comes courtesy of his 1959 Gibson Les Paul with its pickups accidentally wired out of phase for that distinctive nasal tone.
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Did you know? Peter Green was a big champion of a young Gary Moore and booked his band Skid Row to support Fleetwood Mac. Peter sold the Need Your Love So Bad guitar to Gary and was often used when Moore wanted to recreate this signature tone.

Track: You Really Got Me
Artist: The Kinks
Who played it: Dave Davies
Genre: Rock
UK chart position: 1
Why it rocks: Rumours abound that this and other great Kinks solos were played by then session guitarist Jimmy Page, but this is not the case. Dave Davies´ brilliant outburst on this groundbreaking track is typical of his own individual style, culled from earlier blues guitarists and of course the very imitable Chuck Berry.
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Did you know? Dave Davies´ first amp was an eight-watt Elpico that he christened ‘the fartbox´. In order to make his new Vox AC30 ‘fart´, he pierced its speaker cones with a knitting needle (or a knife, depending on which brother´s story you believe).