GT on the Chris Evans Show!

Regular listeners to BBC Radio 2's drive time show, hosted by DJ Chris Evans, may have heard that the presenter dubbed his 23rd September programme 'key change Wednesday'. Every track was to contain key changes and Guitar Techniques editor Neville Marten was asked on to talk about the topic and play some examples to demonstrate.

Nev sat in with Chris and producer Hell's Bells (Helen) Thomas, helped choose the show's play-list and listened to various tracks to determine which had key changes and where they were.

Evans is a broadcasting genius, no doubt about it. Although the show's skeleton is put in place by a very slick and professional production team, Chris does it all on the hoof. Just before the show he was unaware of who his other guest was, but managed to create an intelligent set of questions about the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, that no listener would guess were completely unrehearsed.

Nev and Chris chatted for the allotted time, didn't exactly get to the bottom of what a key change is but it made for an enjoyable interlude in the nation's favourite drive time show nevertheless.

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