Dynarette guitar support cushion

Sitting down to play the guitar over long periods of time can be quite fatiguing. Some players sit with the guitar on the left thigh, turning the lower torso a little to the left (not great). Some sit crossed legged with the guitar on the right thigh (better as less angle to the torso). Others, typically classical players, use an adjustable footstool under their left foot so the guitar is angled upright. The downside to using a footstool though, is more weight is placed on the right buttock with only the right foot on the floor.

Enter the Dynarette - a curved cushion that is placed on the left thigh to raise the guitar to the same level and angle as with a footstool. The upside is both feet are on the floor and both buttocks are evenly weighted on a chair; perfect!

Wrapped in a black leather-like material, the cushion is for right-handed guitarists only and comes in two sizes, large (raises the guitar by 5.5 inches) and small (raises the guitar by 4 inches). Depending on your size, the chair(s) you sit on and preference of footstool height, all guitarists are catered for. Under the cushion (contact point with your thigh), there is a neoprene strip to greatly reduce slippage while playing. We've played two long solo guitar performances wearing a suit (and several practice sessions with jeans) and the suede-like strip does a fine job of keeping the guitar still. Furthermore, lower back pain was non-existent even after a straight hour of playing!

Manufactured until 2002 in Sweden by inventor George Varney and now made in Slovakia, the Dynarette Guitar Support Cushion is distributed by Dieter Hopf in Germany. Priced at around £45, it comes with its own carrying bag.

The Dynarette is available in the UK from several sources including the London Guitar Centre and Spanish Guitar Centre in Nottingham.
For further info visit http://www.vamu.se/

For orders and enquiries contact George Varney or Dieter Hopf at info@vamu.se