Turn Up The Night: Heaven and Hell ready new album

Black Sabbath, sorry, Heaven And Hell are now well into the process of recording a new album.

The Ronnie James Dio-fronted line-up of the band are currently recording their first album since 1992's underrated Dehumanizer at the legendary Rockfield studios in Wales and bassist Geezer Butler has confirmed to unofficial Sabbath website www.Black-Sabbath.comthat he's already finished recording his parts.

Butler also revealed that he is going to be filming some sort of "making-of" documentary, although it is unclear if the footage will appear on the disc, or as a DVD extra.

The album is set to surface early next year and we're really looking forward to hearing what Mr Iommi has up his magical sleeve of riffs. We assume it will be righteous riffs judging by his past form.

But can't we just call them Black Sabbath?