Tony Iommi working on autobiography

After numerous accounts of the life and times of legendary metal pioneers Black Sabbath by outsiders, it finally looks like we're going to get the inside scoop from the riff lord himself - Tony Iommi.

The guitar legend has told that he's already started work on an autobiography, but he never planned on writing one: "I only started about four months ago but that's going to take a lot of time because there's going to be a lot of stuff researched. The last thing I thought was that I was going to do a book, but I've seen so many of these books on Sabbath. There are so many that I've looked at that are not right and they have quotes from other people and many are very inaccurate.

"It's not right to be listening to somebody telling people about what I was supposed to have done. It's better to hear it from me, exactly how it should be, instead of somebody's secondhand version of things. So that's the idea. Some of these books I've looked at, I don't read them all the way through. I put them down because I just get so pissed off with it. I'm reading quotes from various people who I don't even know and weren't even there at the time. There are people in some of these books who are talking about things that happened all these years ago and they're totally wrong. Totally wrong! So I'd rather that it come out true and tell people exactly what happened."