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Steve Vai: Where The Wild Things Are

With a new live DVD Live In Minneapolis - Where The Wild Things Are
just about ready to go (it's out on 5th October in Blighty - Ed), Steve Vai has surfaced from months of mixing, editing, teaching, touring and simply being cool to give a huge interview that´s been posted up at

Here´s a short excerpt:

“It helps if they can read music or at least have an understanding of it. The opening song on the DVD is in a brisk 25/32 time signature. It´s an extremely complex piece but tremendously heavy. When I brought it into rehearsal the music for each part stretched close to 25 feet. Poor Jeremy Colson had a full on anxiety attack.

But I knew that they would be able to play it and I´m an expert at rehearsing complex music. We took it piece by piece and gave our patience and our soul quite the work out. The end result is a glorious artistic metal track that is melodic, seamless, entertaining and flows very naturally. The band performs it with fierce confidence.”

It makes very interesting reading, as ever, so click here to read the interview.

Click here for a nicely lengthy excerpt from the DVD too...