Share your inspiration

As guitar players, what has YouTube ever done for us? Perhaps most importantly it has granted us access to a copyright-contested cornucopia of great present-day guitar performances, but personally, it´s also rewound, paused and rewound me over and over again to the age when VHS players ruled the earth, back to what are essentially guitar-playing formative memories.

So here are the inspirational clips that I´ll nostalgically navigate to whenever I get the chance: if you know them inside out then you surely won´t mind watching them again, and if you don´t, well, I hope they have the same effect on you as they do on me!

1] The legendary SRV improvising while balancing a giant blue Liquorice Allsort on his head:

2] Jerry Donahue tearing himself free of his check-shirted restraints and spanking his Telecaster: “He seemed like such a quiet guy, pretty much kept himself to himself,“ said shocked neighbours…

3] Aah. Simply one of the best songs of all time… vintage John Martyn:

4] More recently, Andy McKee´s YouTube-record-breaking acoustic antics:

5] And the very last word in effortless trailblazing cool - Hendrix´s Hear My Train A´ Coming on a 12-string

If you feel like it, reply to this thread with your own YouTube guitar gems that you turn to for inspiration - and help your fellow players save some time navigating their way through the maze of classic playing out there…