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SG Zoot Suit: Are Gibson Losing It?

Just consider the rich history Gibson Musical Instruments has. Any player - and we do mean any - should hanker after a Les Paul, an SG, a Flying V, an Explorer, an ES-335, even an ES-5 Switchmaster with an almost unhealthy desire and quite right too..

After the Holey Explorer we reported on a while back, a guitar that has been considered as ‘unusual´ to say the least, we´ve just seen the latest release from Gibson: the SG Zoot Suit.

Modesty forbids us from saying exactly what we think of it as Gibson are still an important part of the whole guitar shebang and we do need to keep certain feathers somewhat unruffled, but if you´ve seen an uglier guitar, we´d like to know about it.

Here it is.

Of course, one man´s incisive and bold design is another man´s eyesore, and beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. Still, not much of a looker, we reckon.

So, are Gibson losing it? Why not decide for yourselves, but is the Zoot Suit really an improvement on this, the embodiment of cool...?

Or this?

Or even this...?

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