Morley's got the blends...

Most of you will know Morley for its range of rugged wah-wah pedals, but the company has announced a new product that looks set to appeal to effects junkies looking to get a little more from their collection of stompboxes. The FX Blender provides an additional effects loop that can be blended into your signal via judicious use of its onboard treadle.

We can think of numerous scenarios when this would be eminently useful. For example, you could throw a reverb unit into the FX Blender´s true bypass loop set very wet, and then use the Morley´s expression pedal to vary the amount of ambience during a solo, or you could simply use the pedal to make sure that a couple of noisy, badly-behaved pedals are only present in your signal chain when you need them to be.

Useful extras include a send level control, allowing you to push those old analogue stompboxes a little harder. The FX Blender is powered by a single nine-volt battery or mains adaptor and is available now from Morley dealers. Click here for more info.

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