Mesa/Boogie TransAtlantic - hands-on

Mesa/Boogie's new TransAtlantic TA-15 amplifier offers masses of volume, versatility and tone, all in a lunchbox-sized package.

Following the growing trend for small-sized, low-powered boutique amplification, (see Orange's Tiny Terror or Ashdown's Mofo), Mesa/Boogie has launched its brand new, so-small-your-girlfriend-will-call-it-cute, TransAtlantic TA-15 head.

When Mesa/Boogie say that the amp is 'lunchbox sized', they aren't kidding. When we opened the box, we could hardly believe the size of the thing - as the image above will indicate - and the 'Oohs' and 'Ahhs' inevitably followed. We're suckers for miniaturisation…

The TransAtlantic's ultra-compact, ultra-portable metal chassis - that's black crinkle and platinum pearl powder-coated - will certainly suit players who are tired of lugging heavy gear from pub to pub, or those simply wanting a small studio or home rig.

However, don't be fooled - our initial plug-in proved that this little beast packs a punch. Loaded with two EL84 power valves, the Class A/B TransAtlantic pumps out a healthy 25-watts of all-valve power with a Multi-Watt power switch on both of its two channels, enabling the Transatlantic to operate at 5-, 15-, or 25-watt settings.

The TransAtlantic also offers typical Boogie versatility with two independent channels each offering five style modes and your usual EQ options.

For more information about the Mesa/Boogie TransAtlantic, visit the Mesa/Boogie website, and keep an eye out for our full, in-depth review of the amp in issue 330 of Guitarist.