Iron Maiden Live At Abbey Road

The UK Metal Titans™ will appear on Channel 4´s Live From Abbey Road TV show tomorrow night (Friday 30th March).

The show has previously featured the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers alongside more sedate artists such as Norah Jones and Natasha Bedingfield, and the Maiden, by all accounts, blew the roof off the legendary building during the airing of three songs.

According to, US fans should be able to catch the performance via the Sundance channel on July 12th.

Of course the band are fresh from groundbreaking shows in Athens, Belgrade, Dubai and Bangalore in India

Speaking to, bassist Steve Harris said: “It was a pretty knackering week with all the travel but well worth it. All the audiences were fantastic. It's always exciting to play in new places, especially the ones that don´t get many concerts. It is just so fresh and in some ways innocent. Our fans are just the best, they came from everywhere for these shows. It was also quite emotional at times considering the places we played and the current and recent histories. Fans told us they thought they would never get to see us live and had waited so many years but now they could die happy!

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