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Guitarist recommended guitar accessories

If you're new to the wonderful world of guitar, or even just looking to make your playing life a little easier, why not try one of these five excellent accessories to help you on your way…

1. Shubb capo

An industry standard - invest in this quality capo and it'll inspire new approaches in your playing.

2. Guitar Man GM11 clip-on tuner

Something a little different for acoustic players - but ultra convenient.
You'll never lose it!

3. 501 Guitar Chords book by Phil Capone

Widen your chordal horizons with this book of clear illustrations with both fretboard diagrams and a photo for each position.

4. Elixir cable

A cheap and nasty cable won't last and will compromise your tone - this one from Elixir isn't like that at all and has a lifetime guarantee to back it up.

5. Line 6 Pocket POD Express

A portable, simple to use effects and modelling unit to experiment with sounds through headphones.