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Rory's Glories

To mark the 40th anniversary of the late Irish guitar legend embarking on his incredibly significant solo career, Guitarist sat down with Rory Gallagher's nephew Daniel, who has restored and remastered his solo albums to their original glory, and took a journey through the great man's finest hours

PLUS! Rory's gear is almost as iconic as the man himself, and Guitarist had the privilege of getting up close with some of Gallagher's most beloved gear, including THAT 1961 Fender Stratocaster

Michael Schenker

We sat down with the legendary German guitarist to look back at his hugely-influential career, from the Scorpions to UFO and beyond.


We sat down with the Brit rockers' lead singer and guitarist Grant Nicholas and talked about his long-time love affair with the Fender Jazzmaster.

Aces: Lonnie Johnson and Eddie Lang

We chart the criss-crossed careers of two early jazz pioneers who had a huge impact on much of the guitar music that followed. With technique style file and Guitarist Vault audio.

Meet Your Maker - Electro-Harmonix

Guitarist travelled to New York to sit down with larger-than-life Electro-Harmonix CEO Mike Matthews, learned about the star-crossed history of this venerable and beloved effects maker, and got the inside track on some seriously interesting new projects in the pipeline…

Kemper Profiling Amp

The Kemper Profiling Amp claims to be able to capture a perfect digital fingerprint of any amplifier you plug it in to, with all the nuance and eccentricity of a proper valve amp, then store it forever should you ever need it. Too good to be true? The future of guitar recording? A genuine game-changer? Read the review and listen to the Guitarist Vault demos to find out…


  • James Tyler Variax by Line 6 JTV59, JTV69 & JTV89
  • Taylor SolidBody Classic SB1-X & SB2-X
  • Washburn Idol WINPRO Sigma DR-28 & DR-41
  • Takamine EG630S-VV
  • Marshall JTM1 head & combo
  • Kemper Profiling Amp
  • DigiTech iStomp
  • TC Electronic Hall Of Fame
  • Rotosound String Cleaner
  • HardWire HT6 FastTune app
  • Ahead Custom Molded Earplugs
  • Bizzy Bee Contact Mic

Longterm Tests

  • DigiTech iPB-10
  • Line 6 DT25
  • Gretsch G6128-1957 Duo Jet

On Guitarist Vault

Special Features…

  • Gallagher's Gear - up close with Rory's guitars
  • Michael Schenker - tips, tricks and more
  • Aces - Denny Illet gives us insight into the technique secrets of Lonnie Johnson and Eddie Lang

Video demos of…

  • Kemper Profiling Amp
  • Marshall JTM1 Head
  • Takamine EG630S-VV
  • Taylor SolidBody Classic SB1-X
  • Sigma Dr-41
  • Washburn Idol WINPRO
  • James Tyler Variax JTV89

Techniques columns…

  • Blues You Can Use - Rory Gallagher-style blues-rock
  • Five Steps To Jerry Cantrell
  • Acoustic Workshop - Power Chords
  • Shape Up - The Keef Trick
  • Exotic Scales - The Country Blues Scale


Rocksmith - This ain't your granddaddy's Guitar Hero! We take a look at the unique new videogame that lets you play along to your favourite songs using a real guitar

Hands on - EVH Wolfgang USA Custom & Fender Telebration '75 Telecaster

Round-up - High-powered guitar heads

Q&A, all the latest gear and artist news, your letters, columns, album reviews, reader ads and much more!

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