Guitarist issue 339 – on sale now

Clapton For Sale

Slowhand has picked out some more choice item from his personal gear collection to be sold in aid of the Crossroads rehabilitation centre. Guitarist brings you the key pieces ahead of the auction at Bonhams on March 9.

Slash On Hendrix

A guitar legend on his hero and his role in narrating a new DVD about him.

Alter Bridge Vs The Readers

We take your guitar questions to Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy and learn much more than we bargained for.


Guitarist Daniel Kessler discusses the unique guitar approach behind his brand of brooding indie music.

Fender Blacktops

Four classic Fender models get a humbucker makeover.

Namm 2011 Top 10

We bring you the best of the best guitar gear we saw at the Anaheim show.


Diago Little Smasher

Fender Blacktop Series Telecaster HH, Stratocaster HH, Jaguar HH & Jazzmaster HS

PRS SE Santana

Peavey Powerslide

Larson Bros Stetson Style 2 & Maurer Style 1-ES

Martin GPCPA3 & GPCPA Mahogany

Washburn WD10S, WG15S, WD20SCE & W55SCE

Randall RT100H head & RT50C combo


EBS DPhaser, MetalDrive, MultiComp, OctaBass, TremoLo & BassIQ

Amtech AGE-Pro

Warwick Thumb BO four-string bass

Tascam GB-10 Guitar & Bass Trainer / Recorder

On The CD

Audio demos of…

Randall RT100H
Peavey PowerSlide
Amtech AGE-Pro 2 echo
Martin Performing Artist GPCPA Mahogany

In-depth video demos of…

Fender Blacktop Strat HH
PRS SE Santana
Diago Little Smasher

Video techniques columns, including

Modern Blues with Scott McKeon
Lick Of The Month
Devil's Trickbag

Plus the regular technique lessons with tab

Guitarist issue 339, on sale in the UK now.

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