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Guitarist issue 305 on sale now…

Was it Paul Merton who once said that while all his friends were busy looking in the mirror playing imaginary guitar with a tennis racquet, he used to go out onto a tennis court and hit imaginary balls with his bass?

Well if Wimbledon isn't your bag, we strongly recommend you check out issue 305 of Guitarist instead. In it, you'll find:

175 Years of Martin guitars - our special feature celebrating the amazing history of legendary US guitar manufacturer PLUS how to buy a new Martin
In-depth reviews of the brand-new Vox Virage guitars, Hughes & Kettner Statesman amps, Ibanez FX and much more
Walter Trout, Paul Gilbert and Tommy Thayer interviews, among many others
Classic Track - learn to play Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers - full tab in the mag and audio on the CD
The chance to visit PRS in the USA, meet the man behind the guitars, and win a new design signed by Paul Reed Smith himself
The chance to win an acoustic guitar worth £2,700
All the usual Q&A and second-hand gear advice
Rock, blues, jazz, rhythm and acoustic guitar lessons, with backing tracks and audio on the CD

Guitarist 305 is on sale now, priced £5.25