Guitarist Brings You The London Music Show 2010!

It´s an exciting day for all of us on the Guitarist galleon - and it´s great news for all UK guitarists too. Guitarist magazine has teamed up with its Future Publishing peers Total Guitar, Guitar Techniques and other music titles to bring you

The London Music Show 2010


At London´s Excel on October 8,9,10 you can expect incredible artists, the best exhibitors, seminars, special workshops and the long-awaited return of the

Guitarist Of The Year


Guitarist will be helping to make this the essential guitar event of the year.

Our editor

Mick Taylor

has already started work to make this event one you won´t forget and had this to say on the news:

“We´ve been itching to put our full weight behind a show and now we have the perfect opportunity. We´re working on some big artists, plus a whole load of feature content to move the traditional music show format forwards. If you love guitars like we do, you won´t want to miss this.”