Gibson Unveil Buckethead Signature Les Paul

Now that's what we call a signature model.

Laugh at the KFC container he wears, snigger at the rumours of him living in a studio-based chicken coup during his stint with Guns N´ Roses, but there´s one thing that is undeniable - Buckethead is a seriously talented guitarist.

And now Gibson has at last unveiled his signature Les Paul.

It´s a stunning alpine white finish but there´s some unique selling points than that to get excited about:

Two - yes TWO! - arcade-style red killswitches. Buckethead likes killswitches, you´d never guess would you.

Oversized chambered body and oversized headstock

Gibson state a 27-inch scale length for this model!

Marker-less ebony fretboard with 24 frets

Single tone and volume controls

And it´s all yours for $4,311

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