Fender Presidential Select Strat

Rock n´ Roll and booze have always been comfortable bedfellows, and the Fender Custom Shop has produced what must be the ultimate marriage between the humble guitar and good old fire-water.

The instrument in question is the Presidential Select Stratocaster that features a hand-selected maple top, custom-designed single-coils, gold hardware throughout and some subtle yet striking inlay-work.

The USP here is that each of the 100 guitars will also come with a case of Fender 60th Anniversary Presidential Select wine produced by the Hill Family estate in California. The six bottles are presented in a unique case constructed from spruce and paloscrito wood and, what´s more, each guitar is hand-stained using grape must from the winery!

If you wanted to buy a bottle of this wine it´s set you back around $1000 and, if you can actually find one, the guitar package is likely to be significantly more…

Oggle the package right…here

Simon Bradley is a guitar and especially rock guitar expert who worked for Guitarist magazine and has in the past contributed to world-leading music and guitar titles like MusicRadar (obviously), Guitarist, Guitar World and Louder. What he doesn't know about Brian May's playing and, especially, the Red Special, isn't worth knowing.