Brian Setzer Album News

In a personal post on, the Quiffmeister himself has spilled at least a modicum of beans regarding a new release for Autumn.

I have just completed all the rhythm tracks for our new album which will be out in the Fall. It will feature 12 new original songs all written by me. Nine of the tracks will feature the entire Big Band with orchestrations by Frank Comstock. The sound of the album is very Film Noir.

It could really be a soundtrack album for an unwritten film, which is how I approached the song writing. If you liked previous songs I have written like ‘Switchblade 327´,´ Drive Like Lightning´ or ‘Ignition´, I think you'll like this record.

Oh, by the way, the album title is ‘Songs From: Lonely Avenue´. Don't worry, there's plenty of guitar on it!

Now he just needs to bring his awesome orchestra over to Blighty! At the time of writing, Amsterdam is the closest he´s coming this year...

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