Unbe-bieber-ble: Justin Bieber slowed down 800%

OK. You've never actually wanted to hear Justin Bieber's 'U Smile' slowed down but, by God, you'll be glad you did.

Up and coming artist Shamantis has posted on his SoundCloud his own dramatic reworking of Bieber's... 'classic' by simply slowing it down 800%. In the process he's rendered it not only unrecognisable but also 800% better too.

It's one of the most beautiful ambient works we've ever heard! It's the best record Sigur Rós never made! Check it out here:

How has he done it? Which piece of software can accomplish such fine-grained dramatic stretches? All the evidence points towards a brilliant (and free) bit of amateur software Paul's Extreme Soundstretch. Check it out here.

Oh, and for the record the reverse is not true: Speeding up Sigur Rós 800% DOES NOT make a Justin Bieber record.

Daniel Griffiths

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