The History of the Tenori-on

In a rather spacious basement below Phonica Records in the centre of London, Future Music attended the official Tenori-on launch, armed with a video camera and anticipation. You can read all about it all over the net so we won't repost all of the details. Here's what we caught:

Toshio Iwai, the inventor of the Tenori-on talked to Future Music about why he made the Tenori and bringing the concept to life:

Later on in the evening, he gave a presentation all about the Tenori-on from it's basic beginnings right up to it being polished by a specially created robot. It was pretty interesting (and inspiring) stuff to see Toshio Iwai go through his career history and some of his amazing designs and ideas.

For some reason he didn't mention Elektroplankton, but, there was more than enough to keep everyone in the crowd reduced to an odd hush. Check it out:

Keep your eyes on Future Music for our exclusive review of the Tenori-on next issue, out

September 28th!