Pro Tools Tour

In a bid to show off the music making features of the industry standard Pro Tools DAW, Digidesign and M-Audio have announced a series of clinics and events across the UK and Ireland. Aimed at recording musicians and producers rather than the studio big-wigs the events will feature demos on the latest Pro Tools 8 software, as well as a number of other recently launched products from M-Audio, including the new Axiom Pro controllers.

Here's the reasons to attend straight from the Digidesign/M-audio camp.

Learn everything there is to know about Boom, Vacuum and all the other free virtual instruments included with Pro Tools 8

Try out M-Audio´s brand new Axiom Pro controller keyboard and see how HyperControl technology can improve your studio workflow

Ask one of the Pro Tools experts that are on hand at each event a question re your own studio

Check out the new track comping, scoring and midi editing features in Pro Tools 8

Come and hear M-Audio´s latest studio monitors, including the new DSM1 and BX Deluxe models

Get a good look at Pro Tools 8´s amazing new look and feel on an oversized screen

Find out which of the M-Audio and Digidesign audio interfaces are best for your setup

Pick up the latest issue of DigiZine - essential reading for Pro Tools aficionados and musos

Blag a t-shirt/cap/jacket or other item of branded swag from one of the team

Hang out at your local music store - you should do it more often.

Check out the full event for the Music Creation with Pro Tools 8 tour