MFB 522e Analogue Drum Machine

A trip over to Andreas Schneider's SUPERBOOTH turned into the first reveal of the show - a tiny analogue drum machine from boutique synth producers, MFB.

The unit looks similar to the Drum Computer unit, except with slightly more tweakability. There are nine instruments (bass drum, snare drum, clap, conga, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat, cymbal, cowbell) and a step sequencer. Plus, we were told it holds up to 72 basic patterns plus 72 fill-ins, the patterns can then be combined to eight songs that each hold a user-definable sequence of up to 64 patterns.

The main stereo output is the default output for all instruments until other outputs are in use (bass drum, snare drum/rimshot, claps and hi-hat) and using the MIDI input allows velocity sensitive operation via a MIDI keyboard or drum pad. From what we heard on the stand, it seems that this tiny little machine is capable of some weighty analogue beats. MFB-522e is available now priced at 280 Euros.