Get busy with the hissy!

It wasn't so many years ago when noise floor was our enemy, hiding at the moody bottom of well-produced tracks and hissing like an evil snake on the badly produced ones. But now it seems, just like Batman needs The Joker, we need our buzzing nemisis of the studio to inject life in these clincal digital days. In fact, you may recall from last months Deadmu5 interview, his recomendation for injecting a touch of noise between single drum-hits so on compression the noise is pushed and pulled to help glue parts together.

So, here's a brand new freebie from plug-in makers

De La Mancha

that hopes to inject those lovely imperfections when needed. Unfortunately it's windows VST only - so if anyone knows of a noise-floor for Mac, let us know in the comments!

here's some info from De La Mancha, "Imperfection is an effect plug-in to put some lofi back into your pristine 64-bit audio. Who wants hi-fidelity reproduction when you can reduce the quality, take out some of that bottom-end, add a smear of saturation and bring your noise floor back up. Hmmm, perfectly imperfect"