Studio Quality Recordings with IsoVox 2

Room sound (referring to normal home rooms, not nice studio rooms) is in most cases bad for the vocal recordings. That’s why home-recordings can sound “home recorded” and that’s why pro recordings sound pro recorded. But for any type of room IsoVox 2 is the solution, specifically created to make home recording sound like a pro recording. 

It’s a pro studio room captured in a box (without the boxy sound, of course!) IsoVox 2 also lets you sing, without disturbing your surroundings, so you can sing and perform anytime! Now, that’s a game-changer!

What's special about IsoVox 2:

-      A Pro Vocal Studio in a box. Without the boxy-sound (thanks to its patented material combinations)
-      Sing and record, without disturbing your neighbours
-      Isolates sound from all angles
-      Is patented, design protected and has a registered trademark.
-      Patented 360 XYZ Pro Acoustic Sound™ -  meaning it eliminates unwanted room sound and gives unmatched clarity, punch and presence to the recordings.
-      Hear and see the difference between popular home solutions and the IsoVox 2"

Get IsoVox 2 today.